Three human needs beyond the basic

April 8, 2009 at 10:58 pm Leave a comment

Beyond basic lifestyle needs and things of necessities (food, water, shelter, domestic needs, clothing, reach/mobility), all other Business models revolve around three basic human needs : community, sensory satisfaction and information.

Humans have a need to commune, to socialize (Need 1). The second need humans have is to get gratification (Need 2). Gratification relates to one of the sensory perceptions – looks, taste, smell, touch or hearing. The third thing humans like is information (Need 3). There is an innate desire to be aware, of being well-informed. These ideas are reflected in all successful business models as well. Most business models are either satisfying human need to commune and network, providing sensory gratification or providing information. However in today’s world, the last one has become difficult (to make money on) as there is lots of free information. One can argue that free information providers want to provide a place of community to the users. So strategy based on the Need 3 is to ensure the Need 1 and in the process make money.

Some examples to make it clear :

Internet search engines and portals : Search / Information
Social Networking : Commune
Conferences, Meetings : Commune
Education : Information
Entertainment (music, video, theatre) : Sensory Gratification
Partying : Commune and Gratification
Garden and landscape : Sensory Gratification
Advertising and Marketing : Commune and Information
Print and Publishing : Information


Just some philosophical ideas. How about Charity. It is not a business and hence does not fit any “Need” profile.

Startups can take notice of the above.


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